What we offer

A range of private blood testing options, including tests for vitamins (D and B12), diabetes (HbA1c), testosterone, cholesterol (lipid profile), thyroid profile, electrolytes, female hormones, male hormones, liver function, kidney and many more. Whether you are monitoring a specific condition, wanting to get an insight into wellness because of a fitness performance programme that you are following or are simply curious about your general health, we have a test for you.

How do our tests work?

Simple. Buy a kit, collect your blood at home in the small tube provided, send to us for analysis and get results within 24-48 hours. No waiting for appointments.

How accurate are the results?

We process samples in our lab and use state-of-the-art machines, just like any NHS lab. We constantly perform internal and external quality control procedures to make sure that we maintain quality. In the rare circumstances of sending samples to referral labs, we make sure they are UKAS-accredited to ISO15189 standard and CQC-registered.

What else do we offer on our site?

We have sections that present the latest research findings in health and medicine. In addition to articles about general health concerns. Subscribe to our list to receive the latest news, even if you don't buy our tests.

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