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Iron Blood Test (5 Parameters) Home Sample Collection, Lab Results

Iron Blood Test (5 Parameters) Home Sample Collection, Lab Results

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Parameters tested by this iron blood test include:

Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)
Transferrin Saturation

The kit contains everything you need to collect blood and send it to our laboratory for analysis. Inside, you'll find lancets, instructions, lab request form, labels, tube, tube pouch, prepaid UN3373 envelope, tube holder, swabs, alcohol wipes and plasters. No need to go to the post office; simply drop off your sample in the nearest red letterbox. Results within 1-3 days of arrival in lab. 

An iron status test, also known as an iron panel or profile, is a group of tests that measure the levels of iron and other substances in your blood to assess your body's iron status. These tests provide valuable information about various aspects of iron metabolism in your body. By interpreting the results of these tests collectively, healthcare providers can diagnose various conditions related to iron metabolism, including iron deficiency anaemia, iron overload (hemochromatosis), or other underlying health issues affecting iron levels in the body.

Here's what an iron status test can tell you:

  1. Serum Iron: This measures the amount of iron circulating in your blood. It reflects the iron available for use by your body.

  2. Total Iron-Binding Capacity (TIBC): TIBC measures the total amount of iron that can be bound by proteins in the blood. It indirectly reflects the level of transferrin, a protein that transports iron in the blood. A high TIBC can indicate iron deficiency, while a low TIBC can indicate iron overload.

  3. Transferrin Saturation: This is calculated by dividing the serum iron by the TIBC and multiplying by 100. Transferrin saturation represents the percentage of transferrin that is saturated with iron. Normal saturation levels typically range from 20% to 50%. Low transferrin saturation indicates iron deficiency, while high saturation may indicate iron overload.

  4. Ferritin: Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in your body. Ferritin levels in the blood reflect the amount of iron stored in your body. Low ferritin levels are indicative of iron deficiency, while high levels may indicate iron overload or conditions such as inflammation.

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    Order the kit that you want based on what you want to be tested. We ship all orders placed before 1pm same day.

  • Collect your sample at home

    Collect your own sample using a simple finger prick. Everything you need will be included in the kit.

  • Send your sample to the lab

    Simply drop in any red letter box. No need to arrange for courier pickup or pay for returns. Remember to register online using the unique sample ID to get your results.

  • Receive results

    We will analyse your sample and send you results by email within 24-48 hours. A copy can be sent to your GP/surgery if you wish.