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Cortisol Blood Test Kit

Cortisol Blood Test Kit

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Biomarkers/parameters tested using this cortisol blood testing kit:


Results within 24-48 hours (weekdays) of lab receipt. 
Please note that with all our tests, you need to register your sample ID online before sending the sample to us for traceability reasons. 
Simply collect a sample of blood at home using a finger prick and send the provided tube to the lab for analysis. You will get a lab test report showing your serum cortisol levels as well as the reference ranges.

Please collect your blood in the morning (6-8am) as cortisol levels fluctuate depending on the time of day. 

The kit contains everything you need to collect blood and send it to our laboratory for analysis. Inside, you'll find lancets, instructions, lab request form, labels, tube, tube pouch, prepaid UN3373 envelope, tube holder, swabs, alcohol wipes and plasters. No need to go to the post office; simply drop off your sample in the nearest red letterbox. 

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol, often called the "stress hormone," is produced by your adrenal glands. It plays a critical role in your body's response to stress, helping you stay alert and energized. Cortisol does much more than just manage stress.

It helps your immune system combat infections and inflammation and plays roles in maintaining healthy blood pressure and regulating how your body uses energy (metabolism) by controlling blood sugar levels.

Understanding Cortisol Levels

Most cortisol in the bloodstream is bound to proteins. In a healthy body, cortisol levels follow a natural rhythm, peaking in the morning and gradually declining throughout the day, reaching their lowest point at night. This cycle can be disrupted by various factors:

  • Physical Activity: Exercise can cause a temporary rise in cortisol levels.
  • Thyroid Issues: An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can affect cortisol production.
  • Health Challenges: Infections, injuries, and illnesses can trigger cortisol release.
  • Medications: Certain medications, including steroids and birth control pills, can influence cortisol levels.
  • Weight and Pregnancy: Obesity and pregnancy can also lead to changes in cortisol production.
  • Stressful Situations: Both physical and emotional stress can cause cortisol levels to rise.

By understanding cortisol's role and how various factors affect its levels, you can gain valuable insights into your body's response to stress and overall health.

Note that the cortisol test assesses the function of adrenal hormones. Elevated cortisol levels indicate adrenal hyperfunction, while decreased levels suggest adrenal hypofunction. Suppression and stimulation tests can also be conducted. The cortisol (dexamethasone) suppression test screens for Cushing's syndrome and helps identify depressed individuals who may respond well to antidepressants or electroshock therapy. This test is based on the principle that ACTH production is suppressed in healthy individuals after a low dose of dexamethasone, but not in those with Cushing's syndrome or certain cases of depression.

One of the most competitively priced home testing kits in the UK. 

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  • Order kit

    Order the kit that you want based on what you want to be tested. We ship all orders placed before 1pm same day.

  • Collect your sample at home

    Collect your own sample using a simple finger prick. Everything you need will be included in the kit.

  • Send your sample to the lab

    Simply drop in any red letter box. No need to arrange for courier pickup or pay for returns. Remember to register online using the unique sample ID to get your results.

  • Receive results

    We will analyse your sample and send you results by email within 24-48 hours. A copy can be sent to your GP/surgery if you wish.